Sargasso Games is a brand belonging to Sargasso Creative, a company I established in 2019. This begs the question.. who am I?

My name is David Jones and I adore games. My love affair with games began in 1985 when my Grandfather gave me a copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Within a year I was playing every type of game I could get my hands on; role playing games, war games, board games, video games and play by mail games.

If you are reading this you probably love games too. You may understand what I mean when I say that games just seem to light up my brain. Perhaps you will also understand me when I say that I can’t leave a game alone. If I think a game can be improved, I want to change it. An irksome rule is like a piece of grit in my eye.

My first foray into gaming as a business came in 1998 when I designed and ran a science fiction Play by Mail game (Polaris). I then worked for a while as an independent contractor in the Play by Mail industry. The rise of the internet eventually put an end to that. Well, that and a young family! 

However, I never stopped playing and creating games. Indeed, these took on a new life; I would create huge roleplaying campaigns with custom made cards (for the many characters) and play them with friends.

In 2005 the group I had been playing with twice a week for some time began playing board games in earnest. We still do! 

I have been designing board games for my own amusement for more than 10 years. Being under no obligation to make them commercially viable or even visible to anybody else, few have seen the light of day. So it may have continued, were it not for an article I read in 2018 regarding a science fiction game.

I thought “I wouldn’t have done it like that”, and then “why?”. One thing just led to another. The result, some time later, is Zeno. 

Astronavigator Juska making adjustments to the flight computer.

David Jones making adjustments to Zeno.