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Shocks and Focus

1st February 2022

We have now made enough improvements to Zeno that a new set of test cards is required and these have been ordered. Prior to doing this we made two adjustments in response to test feedback.
Firstly, we made the game more positive. While Zeno is a horror game there needed to be more ways to escape the dire straits your characters can get into. So the game now has a focus mechanic. Focus tokens are earned when your Survivors are inspired. These boost die rolls and can be spent to discard some conditions or to achieve special successes. They can also be traded to less fortunate Survivors. This reflects encouragement, as one survivor takes a moment to buck another one up.
Secondly, we diversified the damage model. While fire and fuel still play a central role, they were too dominant. We have therefore replaced some plasma conduits with power conduits. When these leak they add electrical charge to the affected area. When charge maxes out the result is a huge electric shock. This wounds any Survivors in the area, damages systems and starts fires.

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